Live example

This Tutorial will show you how you can switch between the levels of your map.

Step 1: Include Control LevelSwitch

  1. After creating a map, as outlined in Getting started, you can install and initiate the level switch control

  2. Install: npm i -S @deepmap/control-level-switch

  3. Initiate:


    const levelControl = new ControlLevelSwitch();
    const map = DeepMapFactory.bootstrap(config);

Step 2: Customize level switch element

  1. Now we can customize the Style


    <style type="text/css">
        ul.deep-map-level {
            // container
        ul.deep-map-level li.level-up {
            // level up button
        ul.deep-map-level li.level-current {
            // current level display
        ul.deep-map-level li.level-down {
            // level down button
  2. That’s it! We are done with our level switcher.