Live example


In addition to the Getting started, the Routing Control must be configured with URL of routing service and added to the map:


const routingControl = new ControlRouting({
    projectName: config.projectName,
    routeServiceUrl: '',
    showDialog: true


Routing from Feature to Feature by Original Serial

It’s possible to route from one feature to another using their original serials. The following example will draw the route on the map and zoom to it with an animation.


routingControl.getRouteWithOriginalSerials("stand_manual_8032", "stand_manual_809", true, true, true);

Routing from Point to Point

Routing from Point to Point is also possible:


var startRoutePoint = {
    lng: 8.6685557,
    lat: 49.4186050484,
    level: 0,
var endRoutePoint = {
    lng: 8.672886187,
    lat: 49.417546901,
    level: 0
routingControl.getRouteByRoutePoint(startRoutePoint, endRoutePoint, true, true, true);

For more details see the API